Product Overview

Our collection

Below you can find an overview of all our products. If you have any questions about custom-made TRACERBLOXX, please contact us for the possibilities.


Our standard range of BLOXX with specially designed coupling for beams of different sizes. Each BLOXX can be used separately or connect 2 BLOXX with 1 of our BEAM models.


Our standard range of BEAMS with 1 or 2 functional sides. Other combinations are possible upon consultation. Each BEAM can be used with at least 2 BLOXX. .


Our standard range CONNECT.  These obstacles can be completely dismantled and are therefore perfect for taking with you in the car or for efficient storage in smaller rooms. Our CONNECT blocks can optionally be equipped with our T-couplings to combine with our BEAMS.


Our STACK and PRECISION modules are ideal for practicing the basics of freerunning close to the ground. In addition, these obstacles are lightweight and easy to take with you to outdoor training sessions.


With our FLEXXMOUNT you can give a BEAM Regular / Edge or Mix extra functionality. The rotating head gives you even more freedom in creating your setups. For more information and prices please contact us.


With a WALLMOUNT you give your gym even more functionality. The WALLMOUNT can be used with our own catleap system or connect one of our BEAMS to the BLOXX system.